What you must know about rent car insurances

What you must know about rent car insurances

What you must know about rent car insurances

Road trip is the best way to experience the depth of your holiday destination. This makes the car rental popular in almost all over the world. It allows tourists to visit and travel throughout the location.

Some things you must know about rent car insurances

  • Collision Damage Waiver is one of the most important parts that you should know and car rental companies never forget to explain before your departure. It protects you in the case of destruction of the car's bodywork. Collision Damage Waiver works only with the car's bodywork. This is to say that damages in other parts such as windows, tires, wheels are not included. You will then be required to pay all costs relating to the reparation. However, if a rental agreement is signed when you pick up the car, any cover of the rental car will work. Collision Damage Waiver also does not apply if you drive the car in illegal ways, for example drunk driving and parking in prohibited area. In consequence, you will pay the whole amount of repairing the damage.
  • Theft Protection protects you in the case of loss. If your rental car is stolen, you won't be required to pay for the new one. Loss of car parts and any damage from robbery temptations are also included in Theft Protection. You will only pay the Theft Protection policy's deductible. A rental agreement is signed before you take the care to make the Theft Protection valid. As the same as Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection does not work in the case of non-compliance of the rules, for example you drive out of the limited area mentioned in the agreement. So you will be liable to recover or retrieve the car.
  • Third-Party Liability: This kind of insurance applies if injure someone or damage something while driving the hire car. The Third-Party Liability does not apply with the car, the person or any kind of damage. You won't pay for it because it is included in the Third-Party Liability and the maximum amount to pay depends on the car rental company. It applies if you have signed a rental agreement when you picked up the car. Any kind of non-compliance of the rules related to the car rental will make the Third-Party Liability invalid. For example, if you drive on prohibited road. So you will be required to pay for the damage or injury.

Please note

Depending on the car rental company, there may be additional insurance. Some companies include it in the hire car, but there are those who ask you to buy it to cover you from other damage, loss or injury.

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