What type of car do you need abroad ?

What type of car do you need abroad ?

What type of car do you need abroad ?

Renting a car during your holidays makes you feel more comfortable and free. This is always the best choice to enjoy more your visit when you travel abroad. So for a happy road trip, you have to choose the best car that suits your likes and needs. Basically, the type of car depends on the number of people, the comfort, the budget and the type of your vacation.

Some tips to help you choose the car that you need abroad for a comfortable visit tour

  • Mini cars :

Traveling in a small car is reasonable if you travel alone or with a few people only. It is often better for short-distance trips. It is also much cheaper than bigger cars. In addition, it reduces your expenses in fuel and oil. Navigating a city or busy areas seems to be much easier and more comfortable if you take a mini car.

So if you expect to take a tour alone, not far from the city, with fewer people, with less luggage, mini car is the best choice for you. Fiat 500, smart fortwo, Citroen C1 are among the smallest rental car.

  • Economy cars 

Budget is always really important before deciding which car to pick up for your trip. If you want to save money when traveling abroad, you had better choose an economy car. In general, economy cars can only hold 4 people at most, with less luggage.

Here are some types of cars included in the economy group: Hyundai i10, Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Volkswagen Golf, Seat Ibiza and Citroen C3.

  • Compact car:

If you travel with more luggage that economy vehicles cannot hold, choose a compact car. It is also more appropriate if you travel in more than 4-people group. It will also make you a little bit more comfortable if you travel further.

However, make sure the car suits your destination to avoid unexpected things that may bother your trip. Choose from these types if you want compact cars: Vauxhall Astra, Hyundai i30, Volkswagen Golf, Opel Meriva, Ford Focus, Peugeot 306, Fiat Qubo, and Ford Fusion.

  • SUV cars:

If you are planning to take more adventurous trips abroad, an SUV car is the best option for you. It is a little bit more expensive than others but it offers comfortable and freer trip. SUV cars are ideal for long-distance journeys with heavier and larger luggage.

It can hold up to 5 people and has more space for almost all needed baggage. This type of car comes in different sizes and looks, so here are some of them: Peugeot 3008, Jaguar F-Pace, Hyundai Tuscon, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Touran, Jeep Renegade, Honda CR-V, and Nissan Pathfinder.

  • People carrier cars:

This is recommended to those who travel in more than 5-people group. The car keeps the group together during the trip and offers a very large space to pick up any luggage. It also has sliding side doors which allows access to the rear seats.

This makes the entry and exit easier whenever you stop along the road. Better still, if you travel with children. 5-seater up to 9-seater people carrier cars are available with this type of vehicle. Here are some example of this type of car: Ford Transit, Fiat Scudo Panorama, Ford Galaxy, Vauxhall Zafira, Ford Toureno Custom, Volkswagen Transporter, Seat Alhambra, and Volkswagen Sharan.

Where to find the right car abroad?

To make it easier, contact Opodo to help you find the best rental car for your road trip abroad. Opodo is an online travel agency which works with numerous car rental companies in almost all over the country.

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